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10 Best Music Marketing Companies Right Now

In today’s music landscape, there’s an abundance of options for promoting your music, and it can be quite overwhelming. To help simplify the process, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 music marketing companies. Every artist is unique, so what works for one may not work for another, but these agencies are excellent starting points for your music promotion agency journey.

AmigoSound emerges as a top-tier promotion powerhouse dedicated to championing artists and their unique sounds. More than just a company, AmigoSound operates as a passionate collaborator for artists, understanding the depth and nuances of the music industry.

Armed with an expert team, they merge industry insights with hard work to ensure your tracks resonate across platforms and reach eager audiences. Whether you’re an emerging artist or a seasoned musician, AmigoSound promises not only visibility but a genuine connection with a growing fanbase. Trust in their expertise, and let your music journey soar to new heights.

Our List of the Top 10 Music Marketing Companies:

  1. Planetary Group
  2. Starlight PR
  3. iSpyTunes
  4. ReverbNation
  5. Music Gorilla
  6. MusicPromoToday
  7. YouGrow
  8. Simpl.
  9. Sonic Birds
  10. Indie on The Move

Before we delve into the specifics, let’s clarify a few key points.

Music marketing agencies vary widely in their offerings. Some specialize in social media marketing, others excel in playlist promotion, and some focus on traditional industry tactics like sync licensing, radio station partnerships, and public relations.

Towards the end of this list, we’ll provide recommendations for the best marketing company in each avenue of music marketing, based on specific criteria.

For now, let’s explore the ten selected music marketing agencies:

1. Planetary Group

Planetary Group, established in 1985 by Jeff Dahl and Dan Galuppo, stands as one of the premier music marketing companies globally. With offices in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, and Atlanta, Planetary Group boasts a far-reaching presence and an impressive clientele.

The company’s expertise encompasses radio promotion, tour marketing, online marketing, and street team promotion. Beyond client work, Planetary Group manages its record label and offers artist management services. This multifaceted approach equips the company with an in-depth understanding of the music industry, enabling them to deliver results. Whether it’s securing radio airplay or orchestrating a successful tour, Planetary Group is a trusted ally for artists and labels aiming to elevate their careers.

Summary: Planetary Group has represented renowned artists such as John Mayer, Katy Perry, and Twenty One Pilots. While catering to established acts, they also provide services for emerging musicians, including social media management, radio promotion, online publicity, international music promotion, and more. Independent artists can specify their desired music promotion services via the company’s website.

2. Starlight PR

Starlight Public Relations, or Starlight PR, is a distinguished communications firm situated in the heart of New York City. Starlight PR specializes in crafting and executing effective PR campaigns that generate buzz, establish brands and yield results. Their team of seasoned professionals has a proven track record of success not only in the music industry but also across various other sectors.

Summary: Starlight PR, a reputable music marketing agency, has collaborated with industry titans like Post Malone, Cardi B, and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. While their services tend to be on the higher end of the cost spectrum, they offer starter packages suitable for newer musicians.

3. iSpyTunes

At iSpyTunes, we are dedicated to amplifying your music’s reach. We understand the challenges of standing out in the ever-expanding sea of musical talent. That’s why we provide an array of services to enhance your visibility, from social media marketing and playlist promotion to radio airplay. We help you connect with your target audience and cultivate a dedicated following.

We also offer valuable resources and guidance to navigate the dynamic music industry landscape through our musician-centric blog. Whether you’re aiming to secure a major record label deal or decode the intricacies of playlist promotion for Spotify, our content caters to musicians looking to advance their careers.

Summary: iSpyTunes offers a growing range of digital marketing services for independent musicians, making them ideal for both emerging and established artists. Our strategies are tailored for smaller, independent musicians, and we provide various music marketing packages to meet your needs.

4. ReverbNation

ReverbNation is a music marketing company that empowers artists to promote their music and connect with potential fans. Founded in 2006, ReverbNation offers an array of services, including online promotion, artist management, and booking assistance. The platform operates a vast network of over 300,000 venues and promoters worldwide, simplifying the process for artists to secure gigs and expand their listener base.

In addition to its extensive service offerings, ReverbNation is renowned for its robust customer support, boasting a dedicated team of experts ready to assist artists in optimizing their platform experience. Committed to artist success, ReverbNation has solidified its position as a prominent name in music marketing.

Summary: ReverbNation is a reliable music marketing agency that helps artists promote their music across various channels, including social media, online advertising, and email marketing. The platform also provides essential tools for career management, such as an artist management platform and an online gig booking system.

5. Music Gorilla

Music Gorilla is a music marketing company that bridges the gap between independent artists and industry opportunities. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the company operates on a global scale, collaborating with artists across diverse genres. Music Gorilla is dedicated to helping artists realize their full potential and establish sustainable careers in music.

The agency offers a spectrum of services, including artist development, social media marketing, and tour booking. Moreover, Music Gorilla hosts industry events and conducts artist workshops. Through its innovative platform, Music Gorilla has facilitated the success of countless artists in the music industry.

Summary: Established in 2009, Music Gorilla empowers independent artists to showcase their music to industry professionals via its online platform. The agency extends its services to help artists promote their music and engage new fans, employing strategies like social media promotion, playlist promotion, and radio airplay.

6. MusicPromoToday

MusicPromoToday is a music marketing company committed to ensuring that artists’ music reaches the right ears. Their client portfolio spans unsigned, up-and-coming artists to major labels, and they tailor their services to each artist’s unique needs. The agency is dedicated to providing high-quality services at affordable prices, believing that every artist deserves top-notch music promotion.

Summary: Since 2010, MusicPromoToday has offered a wide array of music marketing services, ranging from radio promotion and press coverage to PR and digital streaming offers. Their impressive track record, including collaborations with renowned artists like Jojo and Tyga, underscores their value and expertise in the music industry.

7. YouGrow

YouGrow offers an extensive range of music marketing services, leveraging platforms like Spotify, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Their diverse digital music marketing strategies are offered at remarkably affordable prices, making them an enticing option. The abundance of positive reviews from satisfied clients attests to their effectiveness.

Summary: YouGrow, based in the Netherlands, primarily caters to independent music promotions. While their services guarantee a specific number of streams, a practice that can raise concerns, their numerous positive online reviews validate their effectiveness. We recommend further research before utilizing their promotion services.

8. Simpl.

Simpl. functions as a music marketing consultant, providing a comprehensive suite of services to independent artists. Their offerings encompass online promotion, radio promotion, and music video production. The platform also serves as a valuable resource hub for artists, featuring a blog with music promotion tips, an online community, and a directory of music industry professionals.

The website’s founder, Damian Walters, a seasoned music industry veteran, has collaborated with some of the industry’s biggest names. Damian’s experience and dedication to assisting others have solidified Simpl. as a trusted resource for independent artists seeking to advance their careers.

Summary: Despite sporting a .xyz URL rather than a .com, Simpl. offers legitimate music marketing services. Their successful partnerships with emerging musicians are prominently displayed on their homepage. From identifying target audiences to boosting streams, Simpl. can deliver results.

9. Sonicbids

Sonicbids, established in 2006, arose from a collective vision of making the music industry more transparent and equitable for artists. Today, Sonicbids serves as the go-to platform for booking live shows, expanding fan bases, and building music careers. With over one million members spanning more than 100 countries, Sonicbids is a global community of artists and music professionals.

Beyond connecting artists with opportunities, Sonicbids offers educational resources covering topics from social media marketing to touring tips and tricks. Whether you’re embarking on your music journey or seeking to elevate your career, Sonicbids is there to assist.

Summary: Sonicbids is a music marketing company facilitating artist connections with music industry opportunities such as festivals, conferences, and showcases. The agency provides a range of services to help artists promote their music and reach new fans, including social media promotion and radio promotion. Sonicbids offers an all-encompassing platform catering to artists of all levels, setting them apart from many music marketing agencies.

10. Indie on the Move

Indie on the Move is a company dedicated to connecting independent artists with fresh audiences. Established in 2006, the company has aided thousands of artists in reaching new fans and advancing their careers. Indie on the Move offers various services, including social media promotion, website development, and tour booking.

Additionally, the company hosts an annual festival known as the International Music Summit, bringing together independent artists from across the globe. Indie on the Move serves as an invaluable resource for independent artists aspiring to elevate their careers. If you’re seeking to connect with new fans and boost your career, Indie on the Move is worth exploring.

Summary: Indie on the Move specializes in helping independent artists promote their music and connect with potential fans. Their services encompass social media promotion, radio promotion, and tour booking, supported by a team of experienced music industry professionals dedicated to the success of independent artists.

11. Geek Marketing( BONUS)

As a bonus entry, we’d like to introduce Geek Marketing, which caught our attention due to its impressive digital music marketing campaign results. When Geek Marketing approached us, they didn’t just offer payment for placement; instead, they demonstrated their expertise by running a real campaign for an independent artist associated with iSpyTunes.

Geek Marketing’s campaign included triggering algorithmic Spotify playlists and gaining a substantial number of new artist profile followers. They utilized Spotify Advertising Studio to run targeted ads to fans of similar artists, achieving an effective reach and click-through rate (CTR) on a modest budget.

While the data was impressive, it didn’t raise any significant concerns regarding potential bot activity. Although we can’t confirm this theory, the results were noteworthy, given the budget constraints.

When exploring music marketing companies for your music promotion needs, Geek Marketing deserves consideration. We give them a thumbs up for their demonstrated results.

Best Music Marketing Companies for Each Promotion Strategy

Now, let’s address what you’ve been eagerly awaiting—our recommendations for the best music marketing agency based on specific promotion strategies:

Digital Advertising (or Social Media Marketing): Simpl. or iSpyTunes

Press Promotion (or PR): Starlight PR

Playlisting: iSpyTunes

Influencer Marketing: AmigoSound


Before we conclude our article on the best companies for crafting music marketing campaigns, let’s address some common questions related to music marketing.

What is Organic Music Marketing?

Organic Music Marketing is a term frequently thrown around by artists. After all, who doesn’t love the idea of free promotion for their songs? In reality, organic music marketing results from well-structured music marketing campaigns. For instance, suppose you’ve conducted an influencer marketing campaign that directs numerous listeners to a specific platform, like Spotify, with a high save rate. In that case, your song might earn a spot in algorithmic Spotify playlists such as Discover Weekly or Release Radar. These outcomes should be the goal, as they are the key to achieving a return on investment (ROI) with music marketing campaigns.

Consider another example: a playlisting campaign. If you pitch your music to a curator whose playlist isn’t relevant to your track, it’s unlikely to boost your algorithmic exposure chances. However, if your pop-punk song finds its place on a playlist that resonates with fans of your genre, Spotify’s AI might recognize the target audience and promote your music through its algorithmic playlists.

What Exactly is Music Marketing?

Music Marketing is all about maximizing the visibility of your music to a broad audience. This can be achieved through various means, from distributing physical flyers and posters to performing at local venues. In the digital age, additional options are available, such as securing blog features and launching social media music marketing campaigns. The key lies in identifying the channels that resonate with your target audience and crafting a plan that maximizes your reach.

Music marketing isn’t solely about attracting new listeners; it’s also about engaging your existing fan base. Keeping them informed about your latest releases and upcoming shows is crucial for sustaining their loyalty.

In essence, music marketing is about expanding your audience and keeping them actively involved. Accomplishing this sets you on a path toward success.

How Can I Get Noticed as an Artist?

The answer is straightforward: Music Marketing. In today’s music landscape, talent alone isn’t sufficient to gain recognition as an artist. With an abundance of music available, standing out from the crowd and sparking conversations about your work necessitate music marketing. By promoting your music across platforms like social media, online advertising, and through word of mouth, you can reach new fans and create buzz around your artistry. Engaging music marketing companies can save time for artists, allowing them to concentrate on their craft while a team of music marketers handles the promotional efforts.

What About Music Marketing for the DIY Musician?

Which music marketing company is best suited for the DIY musician? We’re referring to the artist who wears multiple hats, from designing cover art to planning their music video production. For such artists, we recommend requesting a customized quote, available by clicking here. Alternatively, you can explore music marketing agencies that offer specialized expertise tailored to young and ambitious musicians. However, as you navigate our website and blog, we hope you’ll gain confidence in reaching out to us today!

Where Can I Submit My Music for Recognition?

Our list of 10 companies serves as an excellent starting point for submitting your songs to gain recognition. If you’re seeking free options, the iSpyTunes free song submission portal is a great place to begin.

Where Can I Find Music Marketing Internships?

An excellent question! If you’re on the lookout for music marketing internships, our small team of music marketers is always eager to offer guidance to aspiring individuals looking to enter the field. We engage in various aspects of music marketing and management. For updates on internship openings, follow our LinkedIn page here.

Why is choosing the right music promotion agency important?

In today’s saturated music market, it’s essential to stand out. The right agency will understand your unique sound and know how to market it effectively, ensuring your music reaches its target audience.

What sets AmigoSound apart from other music promotion companies?

AmigoSound isn’t just a promotion company; they genuinely collaborate with artists. With a deep understanding of the music industry, they dedicate themselves to showcasing each artist’s unique sound. Their expert team uses in-depth industry knowledge to make sure your music stands out and connects with a growing fanbase.

I’m an emerging artist. Is AmigoSound suitable for me?

Absolutely! Whether you’re just starting out or have been in the industry for a while, AmigoSound is equipped to amplify your music, ensuring it resonates with listeners and grows your fanbase.

How does AmigoSound ensure my tracks reach the right audience?

AmigoSound combines industry insights with a dedicated team to ensure your tracks resonate across various platforms, connecting with eager listeners who’ll love your sound.

With so many artists to promote, how does AmigoSound maintain a personal touch?

AmigoSound prides itself on being more than just a company. They operate as passionate collaborators, truly understanding the intricacies of each artist’s journey and sound. They prioritize building genuine connections, promising not just visibility but also a deeper bond with a growing fanbase.


Music marketing can be a daunting challenge for emerging artists. That’s why we often recommend entrusting this work to a reputable music marketing agency that can deliver results. However, if you’re eager to explore various music marketing strategies on your own, you can view our list of the 22 best online music marketing methods by clicking here.

Furthermore, we strongly encourage you to conduct thorough research before making a selection from the options listed in this article. While our list can help you narrow down your choices, it should not be considered an endorsement. We exclusively endorse our own services.

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