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Our platform uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to connect artists with curators. Our AI-powered algorithm matches your song to the right playlists and curators.

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Let our AI algorithms match your music with the most active Spotify playlists, granting you valuable exposure to a diverse array of music enthusiasts.

Get more real streams and expand your fan base by getting your music heard by our many curators.

Unlock the potential of your music by utilizing our advanced AI-powered solutions that analyze your unique sound and provide valuable insights. Then get placements for your songs on the most active Spotify playlists.

Made for Curators

As a playlist curator, you have the opportunity to support exceptional and gifted artists in kickstarting their careers by including their songs in your playlists.

Not only do you have the privilege of discovering new music, but you also receive compensation for your valuable feedback to the artists as you evaluate their tracks for potential inclusion in your playlist.

Master the Music Industry with the Power of AI

Join our thriving community of over 10,000 artists and unlock the potential of your music career. Every Saturday morning, receive a valuable actionable tip designed to propel your journey in the music industry, ensuring success in launching, growing, and monetizing your business. Learn how to successfully release and monetize your tracks, ensuring they reach the right audience.

What do you get

Perfect match with your tracks and biggest Spotify playlists

Say goodbye to tedious searching, playlist analysis, and negotiation with curators. Our AI software seamlessly finds the ideal curators for your music, automating the process to ensure a perfect match effortlessly.

Feedback from playlist curators

Empowered with Ai

Artist protection program

If curators haven’t reviewed your track with at least feedback provided, we return your budget for this specific review.

How it works

Create a campaign for your track

Get started by creating a campaign for your Spotify track
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Step 01

Set Up Campaign Targeting and Budget

Based on your settings, our AI technology will intelligently select the most fitting playlists and curators for your track.
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Step 02

Get approved by our A&R team

Your track will be reviewed and you will receive confirmation via email.
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Step 03

Launch campaign and get curator reviews

Curators will listen to your track, provide feedback, and even add it to their playlist if they like it.
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What is AmigoSound and how does it work?

Our platform uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to connect artists with curators. Our AI-powered algorithm matches your song to the right playlists and curators.

We generate valuable interactions for our artists through campaigns that last up to 14 days. The campaign might end earlier if all the reviews have been provided.

Let our AI algorithms match your music with the most active Spotify playlists, granting you valuable exposure to a diverse array of music enthusiasts.

Unlock the potential of your music by utilizing our advanced AI-powered solutions that analyze your unique sound and provide valuable insights. Then get placements for your songs on the most active Spotify playlists.

We understand your desire for assurance, but unfortunately, we cannot provide guarantee that your song will be featured on a playlist.

However, we have implemented a “No cure, no pay guarantee” to ensure your satisfaction. This means that if we are unable to find a suitable match for your music and secure a placement on a playlist, you will receive a full refund.

We are committed to doing our best to promote your music and connect it with relevant playlists, but due to the dynamic nature of the music industry and the subjective nature of playlist curation, it is impossible to guarantee specific outcomes.

Rest assured, though, that we will put forth our utmost effort to maximize your chances of playlist features and provide you with the best possible service.

How many streams will i receive on my track?

Our primary focus is on promoting you and your music with the help of AI. It is important to note that predicting the exact number of streams your track will receive is a complex task as it can vary significantly based on numerous factors.

These factors include the genre of your music, the quality of your production, the level of engagement with your audience, the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, and the overall appeal of your track to listeners.

Rather than providing an arbitrary number, we encourage you to reach out to us directly so that we can have a more in-depth discussion about your specific track. By understanding your music, target audience, and promotional goals, we can provide you with a more accurate estimation tailored to your unique circumstances.

Our team of experienced professionals will assess your track and provide insights and recommendations to enhance its visibility and maximize its potential reach.

We understand that you may have expectations and goals for your music, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve them.

Our goal is to assist you in reaching a wider audience and increasing your exposure within the industry. So, we invite you to get in touch with us so that we can discuss your track in detail and provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of its potential.

Together, we can explore strategies and opportunities to promote your music and increase its chances of reaching a larger streaming audience.

Why should i run a playlist pitching campaign?

We understand that as an emerging artist without a significant fanbase, it can be challenging to get your music heard by new listeners. One of the primary reasons for this is that the algorithmic playlists on platforms like Spotify, such as Discover Weekly and Time Capsule, rely on finding suitable matches between your music and potential listeners.

These algorithmic playlists use complex algorithms and data analysis to curate personalized playlists for individual users based on their listening habits, preferences, and other factors. However, for your music to be recommended to new listeners through these playlists, it requires a critical mass of data points and positive interactions with your music.

Building a strong presence on these playlists often requires a combination of factors such as high-quality music production, engaging content, effective promotion, and a growing listener base. It takes time for the algorithm to recognize patterns, understand listener preferences, and identify the best potential matches for your music.

While we cannot guarantee a specific number of streams for your track, our focus is on providing you with the tools, strategies, and support necessary to increase your chances of gaining traction and reaching a wider audience. Our services aim to optimize your music’s discoverability and exposure through various promotional efforts, including playlist pitching, social media marketing, and targeted advertising.

We believe in the power of strategic promotion and leveraging the available platforms to help you connect with your target audience. By implementing a well-rounded promotional campaign and utilizing our industry expertise, we can enhance your visibility, increase your chances of playlist features, and ultimately improve your stream count.

In addition to our promotional efforts, we encourage you to actively engage with your listeners, build a community around your music, and seek opportunities for collaborations or features with other artists. Developing a strong online presence and creating meaningful connections with your audience can significantly contribute to the growth of your streaming numbers.

Remember, the journey to building a dedicated fanbase and gaining substantial streams takes time, persistence, and a multifaceted approach. By consistently creating great music, strategically promoting your work, and fostering meaningful connections with your audience, you increase the likelihood of gaining traction and expanding your reach in the ever-evolving music industry.

We are here to support you on this journey and provide guidance based on our industry knowledge and experience. Feel free to reach out to us for a personalized consultation, where we can discuss your specific goals, analyze your music, and provide tailored recommendations to help you achieve success in the competitive world of streaming platforms.

For how long will my campaign run?

The campaign runs for up to 14 days.

While your campaign is running, you will get notifications to your email and AmigoSound account about the partial results. The final report with the stats that might help you redirect your song’s strategy will be available once the campaign is over.

If you want to run the campaign for the same track again, you can relaunch it after it ends. It will be a completely different experience as the track won’t be sent to the same group of curators, we’re excluding the previous curators automatically.

How many playlists will my song be added to?

Your song will be sent to at least 10 curators for review. Playlist placement can depend on the following:
-Genres and sub-genres selected for the campaign
-Relevance to the playlist (its dynamics, loudness, mood, etc.)
-Personal taste of curator
-Quality of your track

The curators have total freedom when it comes to deciding which songs they would like to add to their playlists. We don’t interfere in this process as we want it to be fair and transparent.

Every time your song is added to a playlist, you’ll get an email notification and it’ll also be displayed on your artist dashboard on our website.

Can I create a campaign for an album?

You can promote the entire album with us but you’ll need to create an individual campaign for every track it contains.

Do you guarantee my song will be added to playlists?

According to our records, 97% of our curators add songs to their playlists if the track is relevant to their playlist genres.

We work with curators that build playlists organically and are interested in the playlist’s quality. Moreover, we respect independent decisions made by our curators.

Can you promote songs in all languages?

We primarily specialize in promoting English music, as it is the most widely understood and globally recognized language in the music industry. Our expertise lies in leveraging the English-speaking market and its associated playlists, platforms, and promotional channels to maximize the visibility and reach of your music.

However, we understand and appreciate the diverse landscape of music, which encompasses various languages and cultures. While our main focus is on English music, we also recognize the value and potential of songs in other languages.

If you submit a song in a language other than English, we will certainly consider it for promotion. However, it is important to note that we cannot guarantee its inclusion in playlists specifically tailored to that particular language. The availability and demand for playlists in different languages may vary, and it may require different strategies and networks to effectively promote songs in those languages.

Nevertheless, we are committed to exploring opportunities to expand our reach and cater to a broader range of musical languages and genres. We continuously evaluate the market demands and trends, and as our platform evolves, we strive to broaden our horizons and accommodate artists from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

If you have a non-English song that you would like us to promote, we encourage you to submit it to us. Although we cannot guarantee placement in language-specific playlists, we will do our best to provide you with alternative promotion options that align with the characteristics and strengths of your music. Our goal is to assist you in reaching the widest possible audience within the parameters of our expertise and network.

Additionally, if you have any specific queries or concerns regarding the promotion of your non-English song, we invite you to contact us directly. We are more than happy to discuss your unique situation, explore potential strategies, and provide insights based on our industry knowledge and experience.

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