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How To Make Your Music Known On Youtube?

YouTube boasts over two billion global users and hosts millions of videos, making it an immensely popular platform for music marketing and music video promotion. In this article, we provide valuable tips for successfully promoting your music on YouTube.

Furthermore, with Groover, all you need is a YouTube link (or SoundCloud link), whether it’s private or public, to share your music with media and music industry professionals of your choice.

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How To Make Your Music Known On Youtube?

How To Make Your Music Known On Youtube?

1. Utilize YouTube Ads to Boost Visibility

YouTube ads offer a direct and effective method for music promotion on the platform. These ads come in various formats and can be strategically placed to enhance your reach:

  • Ads displayed on the YouTube homepage, providing a shortcut for potential viewers to access your YouTube channel.
  • Keyword-associated ads that appear when users search on YouTube. You can use keyword tools to optimize your ad placement.
  • Ads shown before, during, or after videos.
  • Ads visible exclusively on mobile devices.

To create YouTube ads, you’ll need to set up a Google AdWords account, a process similar to running ads on Facebook and Instagram. When creating your YouTube ad, consider factors such as the video you want to promote, the ad format and placement (in-video, search, etc.), your target audience, and the budget tied to cost per click or view.

Experiment with different ad formats and monitor their performance to determine the most effective strategy for promoting your music.

2. Verify Your YouTube Channel

Verification is highly coveted on various platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Instagram, but it arguably carries the most significance on YouTube. A verified YouTube channel offers several advantages:

  • Access to detailed statistics.
  • Enhanced SEO for your channel.
  • The ability to promote merchandise and tours directly beneath your YouTube videos.

To request verification for your channel, ensure you’ve posted at least three videos on YouTube. Afterward, contact the YouTube support team to submit your verification request.

3. Create Engaging Music Videos

Audiences expect to find music videos on an artist’s YouTube channel. These videos provide a visual narrative that complements your songs, allowing you to showcase your artistic vision and dedication to your musical project.

Since music videos are highly regarded on YouTube, it’s advisable to upload at least one on your channel. Music videos are also ideal for promotion using YouTube Ads.

4. Offer Diverse Content on Your Channel

While your primary purpose on YouTube is to promote new music and music videos, there are additional ways to engage your audience and build a dedicated community around your music. Consider diversifying your content by:

  • Creating vlogs that offer a behind-the-scenes look into your life as an artist.
  • Sharing insights into your musical influences.
  • Compiling curated playlists featuring your music and tracks from other artists you admire.

Diversifying your content not only enriches your channel but also strengthens your storytelling, enhancing your music’s visibility and retaining your fans.

Playlists, in particular, are valuable for gaining listeners and subscribers as they allow fans to connect with your musical tastes.

5. Optimize Video Titles and Descriptions with Keywords

The title of your YouTube video plays a critical role in attracting viewers and appearing in search results. Craft concise and compelling titles, incorporating relevant keywords to maximize discoverability.

Additionally, compose detailed video descriptions and include tags that accurately represent your content. Tools like YouTube Autocomplete and Google Trends can assist you in identifying popular keywords based on language and location.

6. Create Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the gateway to your video, enticing users to click and watch. Design visually striking thumbnails that grab attention and pique viewers’ curiosity. While vibrant imagery is eye-catching, prioritize image quality, ensuring your thumbnail reflects your video’s overall quality.

Capture high-resolution images during video recording and editing or use graphic design tools like Canva for simple edits.

How To Make Your Music Known On Youtube?

7. Foster Connections with Your Audience

Engagement and interaction with subscribers are pivotal for increasing your YouTube subscriber count and strengthening your online music presence.

Show your appreciation by liking or responding to comments, initiating dialogues, and building a sense of community. Use the YouTube Studio app to manage your profile, create playlists, and reply to comments conveniently via mobile.

Additionally, leverage community posts to tease upcoming videos, share updates, and stay connected with your audience. Community posts can include text, images, videos, GIFs, playlists, and polls, allowing for diverse interactions with your fanbase.

8. Collaborate with Fellow Artists and Creators

YouTube is home to numerous talented creators and artists seeking increased visibility. Collaborations provide an opportunity to broaden your reach by merging fanbases.

Collaborative endeavors can range from musical partnerships to joint projects with platform creators. Contact potential collaborators through email addresses available on their channel’s “About” tab or on social media platforms.

9. Cross-Promote Your Other Platforms

YouTube offers a platform for promoting your music across various channels. Every video serves as a showcase for your music, and descriptions allow you to mention and link your other social media accounts. Include cross-platform links in your YouTube bio and video descriptions to maintain a consistent connection with your fanbase.

You can use teasers to promote upcoming releases and encourage users to follow you on platforms like Spotify or YouTube Music.

How To Make Your Music Known On Youtube?

10. Feature Your Music on Popular YouTube Channels

Sharing your music with popular YouTube channels is an effective way to spread the word about your latest tracks and redirect viewers to your personal YouTube channel. Many channels, covering various music styles, offer opportunities to showcase songs with animations or lyrics.

While some placements may be paid, others might be available at no cost. Contact channel managers via email addresses often provided in their channel’s “About” section.

Alternatively, you can submit your music directly to YouTube channels through Groover. This approach is affordable, highly effective for gaining visibility, guarantees a response from music business professionals within seven days, and ensures your music is heard.

Access a list of over 2,000 channels, playlists, radio stations, media outlets, record labels, and more through your Groover account.

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