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Best Apple Music Promotion Services for 2023

Best Apple Music Promotion Services

Building a dedicated following on Apple Music is an excellent strategy to broaden your audience and extend your music career’s reach. Regardless of whether you’re an independent musician or affiliated with an emerging label, Apple Music has transformed the digital music landscape for artists and labels alike.

With artists’ basic profiles easily accessible on Apple Music, the importance of an effective music promotion strategy for indie artists to connect with new fans cannot be overstated. Fortunately, there are several outstanding services that can assist you in achieving precisely that.

Best Apple Music Promotion Services

1. Fiverr – Best Overall for Cost-Effective Apple Music Promotion

Fiverr is a fantastic starting point for those seeking cost-effective Apple Music promotion services. With a staggering array of over 1.5 million services on offer, you can find nearly any promotional assistance you require.

Whether it’s social media promotion or crafting an ad campaign, Fiverr boasts a diverse selection of services to align with your budget. Apple Music promotion options on Fiverr typically range from $5 to $100, contingent upon the level of promotion you seek.

For instance, one service can put your single or album in front of thousands of Apple Music’s 60 million active subscribers actively seeking new music.

2. Indie Shuffle – Best for Organic Apple Music Playlist Promotion

Indie Shuffle serves as a music discovery platform dedicated to helping you unearth new artists and songs. They maintain an extensive database of indie artists and tracks, supported by a team of curators who meticulously select the finest new music daily.

Indie Shuffle’s partnership with Apple Music allows you to submit your music for promotion on the platform. The submission process is straightforward, and they consistently promote artists through their service. To promote your music on Apple Music via Indie Shuffle, expect to pay $10 per track for playlist inclusion and $50 for album promotion.

3. SubmitHub – Best Platform on a Budget!

SubmitHub operates as a music submission platform that connects artists with tastemakers, including blogs, radio stations, and DJs. They boast a robust community of curators perpetually in search of fresh music. SubmitHub proves to be a valuable resource for both Apple Music and SoundCloud promotions, offering highly affordable rates.

Playlist submissions typically cost between $3 and $10, while curator submissions range from $5 to $20. When promoting your music on Apple Music via SubmitHub, anticipate spending $5 for an artist submission and $10 for a track submission.

4. Soundplate – Best Promotion Platform for Beginners

Soundplate ranks among the top music PR platforms specializing in Apple Music promotion. With over 5 million plays across their network each month, featuring some of the web’s prominent blogs, Soundplate is a robust option for music promotion.

They extend a free trial that enables you to submit two tracks at no cost, followed by a monthly fee of $9.99. When submitting your music to Soundplate for Apple Music promotion services, prepare to invest between $5 and $15 per submission.

5. ArtistPush.Me – Most Reliable Apple Music Promotion

ArtistPush.Me stands out as one of the most reliable Apple Music Promotion Services. They boast substantial experience in the field and possess the know-how to submit your music to the right audience.

ArtistPush.Me offers various packages, allowing you to choose between 1000 to 100,000 plays on Apple Music or add one of your tracks to a playlist. Prices for their services span from $20 to $1300. Besides Apple Music services, they also facilitate promotions on SoundCloud and YouTube.

6. Tunecore – All-Inclusive Music Promotion

Tunecore operates as an all-encompassing music promotion company, providing distribution, marketing, and a wide array of additional services. This option proves beneficial for those with limited marketing budgets yet desire music distribution services.

Tunecore offers diverse services, including distribution to platforms such as iTunes and Spotify. They also provide marketing services to help you reach your target audience. Prices range from a free Social Media distribution package to a manual distribution fee of $29.99.

Tunecore refrains from taking commissions on your earnings from downloads and streaming, ensuring that you receive your full compensation. They allow you to make your music available for purchase or streaming on major digital music stores and streaming platforms worldwide.

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